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Your Brand is in your STORY.

Define who you really are, shed light on your message,  and grow a business you will love.


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Discover who you are and start growing your personal brand

As a Personal Brand Strategist, I help entrepreneurs shed light on their story, and cultivate a direction for growth. This is so they can speak genuinely on who they are and what they do on and offline. Everyone has a story. Can I tell you mine?

The right story at the right time
will plant good seeds and

grow all around the world.

- Ash J. Gardner


Do you have something you want to say?

The Good Gardner is a 3 month course

that will help you shed light on your story. You will gain confidence in the way you see yourself, so you can move forward in life and in your personal brand with a story that was homegrown.


Book a
30-Minute Strategy Session

Do you want to ditch the confusion and shed some light on the correct path forward? Sometimes all it takes is a 30-minute strategy session to pull out the weeds and see your potential.

My Clients Planting

good seeds in my life

God has gifted you to capture and display the vision that's needed to market and promote the Kingdom.

Keith Wyett , NC

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